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Would You Use The Online Divorce Service?

In today’s modern society, the internet and online world has opened up many different avenues of business. In recent years the UK government has made it possible to file for a divorce online – this has seen the emergence of a range of DIY online divorce companies – these organisations specialise in divorce and can help you through the process for minimal cost.

What does this shift away from traditional paper-based divorce mean and how will it affect couples, the legal system, and jobs such as process serving? Furthermore, what is involved in an online divorce and how can companies such as Quickie Divorce help you through the process?


How Will Online Divorce Affect Society?


The advent of online divorce will mean many changes in our society. The availability of divorce online will ultimately make the process easier and give people greater access to this once difficult and timely process. Whilst this may seem like a positive move, there could also be potential negative consequences and far-reaching moral and ethical problems that arise. The following is a list of ways in which online divorce could affect our society:

Increased strain on the legal system?

This is fairly obvious, but online divorce will undoubtedly lead to an increased volume of divorces being processed. This, in turn, will increase the burden on the UK legal system as the various different departments will have to cope with an increased workload. Obviously, third-party companies such as Quickie Divorce will benefit hugely, but can the UK government cope with this increased strain?

Increased incentive for couples to divorce?

The main change online divorces will bring is an increase in the incentive to file for divorce. In years past, married couples may have simply remained together due to the complexity and arduous nature of the divorce process, despite no longer being in love. Online divorce now means that the process can be much more straightforward and easy to complete.

Reduced workload for Process Servers?

As more and more couples turn to third-party online divorce companies, this could mean a reduced need for Process Servers to personally serve court petitions. Traditionally, a Process Server delivers divorce papers by hand, but this service may not be required during an online divorce. It is important to note that the online divorce service is still in its infancy, and is being trialled in uncontested divorces. This is where both parties agree to the divorce. In such cases where only one spouse agrees to the divorce, an intermediary to serve the papers is still likely to be required.

Lessening of the significance of marriage?

This is an ethical and cultural factor, but still is quite an important point of discussion. Is divorce a good thing? Should we be doing more to encourage couples to work on their issues and try to reconcile? Should we facilitate a quicker divorce process and thus devaluing the bonds of marriage? Whilst online divorce will undoubtedly help in dire situations where a partner may be exposed to abuse or adultery etc, will it not also trivialise marriage? Many people will have dividing opinions for and against online divorce, but we must ensure that the sincere commitment that a marriage involves is not undermined.

Online Divorce UK

Now that you understand a little more about online divorce and its consequences, it is also important to look at online companies that facilitate this process:

Quickie Divorce – how does this company facilitate online divorce?

Quickie Divorce is a primary example of a third-party legal company that specialises in the facilitation of online divorce. This company advertises its services and declares that it can help you initiate a divorce petition for just £37.00 (what a bargain!). Effectively, Quickie Divorce can take you through the whole process and save couples a huge amount of stress, hassle and money.


Online Divorce Websites


Finally, we have compiled a list of useful resources that can help couples who wish to file for a divorce online. The links below cover a range of subjects and processed and should provide additional information to what we have provided above – we hope you find them useful:

Quickie Divorce: Online divorce facilitator site: Official info on divorce from UK government
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Money Advice Service: Advice relating to the online divorce process

Online Divorce is certainly a process that looks to gather momentum and popularity in years to come. It continues to divide opinion throughout the legal profession and wider public. Want to share your opinion? Please leave your comments below.

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