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10 Of The Most Common Reasons For Divorce In The UK

More than 42% of marriages end in divorce in the UK; It’s a staggering figure.
When you file for divorce in the UK, you must cite the reasons for the marriage breaking down when filing your petition to the courts.

Main Reasons For Divorce In The UK

Unreasonable behaviour claims have rocketed in recent years, which begs the question are we becoming less understanding, or behaving more erratically? If you are claiming a partner’s unreasonable behaviour you must reinforce this with a statement, demonstrating where there has been unreasonable behaviour. There are calls for this to be changed, and marriage be made even easier to dissolve than currently is, but it remains in place and if you want to divorce you have to cite good reason for it.
The top reasons for divorce petitions are:

  1. Adultery – Adultery does not include kissing, webcam or virtual sex. Alongside unreasonable behaviour, it is the most common reason cited for divorce.
  2. Money problems – It’s claimed to be the root of all evil, but a lack of it can cause couples to argue with one another to the point where it becomes unbearable.
  3. Addiction – From drugs, gambling, sex, food and more, being with someone who has an addiction problem can be too much to bear.
  4. Conflicting parenting ideas – If each parent has a different idea on how their children should be brought up and taught it will eventually have a negative impact on family life. Compromise and understanding is essential for your and your children’s happiness.
  5. Appearance – If the appearance of your partner has changed over time you may actually not feel attracted to them any more. There’s more to love than looks, but in some cases the differences can be extreme, and too much for some people to handle.
  6. Communication problems – A breakdown in communication can lead to all sorts of problems within a marriage. People who cite a breakdown in communication as a reason for divorce report feeling unloved, unsupported and like they are on their own.
  7. Abuse – Physical and mental abuse can damage self-esteem, well being and happiness. In more serious cases the individuals involved say it scars them forever. If you feel you are a victim of abuse it’s important to act quickly. Further information on domestic abuse victim support.
  8. Unhappiness – Although it seems superficial on the outside, a marriage isn’t going to work if one or both parties are unhappy.
  9. Cultural differences – When a relationship starts, differences are often overlooked as a couple get caught up in a whirlwind of emotion and ecstasy. Time can cause cracks to appear, especially where cultural differences are present. The differences between families can also cause friction.
  10. Social shifts – It is widely accepted that today’s online communication and social media-driven world can lead to distractions and impulsive behaviour. Attitudes have also changed over the years, with a leniency towards divorce creeping in.

Tax Breaks For Married Couples

The government has included some measures to promote marriage, such as some tax breaks and other incentives but it doesn’t appear to have solved what has become a wider issue within society. There are a staggering five times more divorces nowadays in 2018 than in 1950s Britain.

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