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Utilising the latest technology and information at our fingertips, we help to find people in the UK. We have an overall tracing success rate of 96% and work on a No Trace No Fee basis. What’s more, in 80% of these cases we will be able to find someone within just 72hours.

Diem Legal UK People Finder: £65 *No Trace No Fee*

We provide people tracing throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. It can often seem an impossible task to find someone, but Diem Legal have the skills and the knowledge to successfully find anyone in the UK – even if previous attempts have failed.

We will partner the information you provide, together with years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, to provide the best possible chance of finding someone. If you’re looking for a tracing agent to find missing persons or recover outstanding debts, then look no further than Diem Legal. Our proven track record of tracing people both within the UK and internationally is unrivalled.

Diem Legal have reunited people from all walks of life in a variety of situations, both positive and negative. Searching for someone doesn’t necessarily have to be down to the fact they owe you money or you have other civil or legal disputes with them. You may want to get in touch with someone that you lost touch with and want to reunite with them. Companies also use us to find people that are entitled to inheritance money or a pension pot. However, we are also able to hunt elusive individuals down that are evading you, or the law.

Diem Legal are a highly experienced tracing company especially with the financial enquires including the production of credit check and pre and post litigation reports. A wide range of options exist depending on the depth and breadth of the information you require.  With just a small fraction of data, we can normally deliver verified contacts details. This also includes current and past employment and directorships together with property ownership.

Find People UK

Find Someone In The UK

People come to us to trace people for a wide variety of different reasons. This could include an illusive business partner that appears to have vanished, ex-partners, parents, being owed money, wanting to divorce, or many other reasons.

Diem Legal trace agents:

  • Address Tracing Service
  • Probate Tracing Service
  • Employment Tracing Service
  • Asset Tracing Service
  • Bespoke / Specialist Tracing
  • International Tracing Service
  • Financial Enquires Tracing Service
  • Probate Enquires Tracing Service
  • Buyer Beware Tracing Service
  • Landlord Tracing Service
  • Credit Control Tracing Service

Find People

Our team use tracing service technology and physical surveillance (when required) to find people in the UK. All work is carried out in a discreet and professional manner.

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