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Diem Legal is the leading Process Server in the UK. We hand-deliver notifications of impending legal processes to individuals and businesses throughout the United Kingdom. This is within an industry-leading 24hour timescale as standard.

Statutory Demands, Debt Orders, Divorce Petitions, Bankruptcy Petitions, Non-Molestation Orders, Winding Up Petitions, County Court and High Court Writs, and all other types of court injunctions are served by our professional team on a daily basis.

Personal service of documents is required for many court cases. Court orders can specify that the documents must be served personally. You could attempt that yourself, but logistics, cost, and the fact that the person that you will be attempting to serve will probably know you, means that this could hinder the chance of success. Our process servers are discreet and professional. We will go the extra mile to achieve successful service including working ‘out of hours’ and attempting service at the respondents place of work, gym, or other premises.

Our experienced team follow a strict set of rules and special instructions provided to us from the court, in accordance with the type of serve. Different classification of court summons require a specific process to be followed in order to be served correctly. This is paramount, to ensure the prompt and legal serving of the summons and eliminate unnecessary holdups to the case.

Local Process Servers

We have local process servers throughout the UK to attempt service within hours of being instructed. We include two more follow up visits within our affordable fixed fees when they are required. Our process server will visit at a time that promotes the target being present. We will do our homework to ensure the best chance of success. If we know they are deliberately avoiding us at a specific premises, we’ll think outside of the box to get the desired result. An affidavit or witness statement is produced following successful service to provide proof of service to our client and the court.

An affidavit of service is a written statement confirmed by oath, for use as evidence in court.
A witness statement is not usually signed under oath, but must be completed accurately and truthfully. This additional documentation will help prevent any delays to the court process.

In some complex cases, or overseas instructions, affidavits may have to be sworn by a Notary Public. There is a separate fee for this if it is required.

Service of Legal Papers

We accept Legally-Aided cases for service of legal papers, and comply with the rate structure that such cases require. Our serves are broken down into mileage and time in accordance with the LAA rates for process servers. Please advise us if your cases is funded by Legal Aid when you instruct us. This will help us to handle your request in the most efficient way.

We cover every single village, city and town in the UK.

See our price list for a full guide to our prices and services.

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