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5 Companies Providing an Online Divorce Service

Divorce is a complex and stressful procedure for any married couple to proceed with. Divorce involves a great deal of heartache, pain, emotional upheaval and tiresome paperwork. In order to try and alleviate and hasten the arduous divorce process, a range of online divorce services has sprung up in recent years. It is now possible to start divorce proceedings online and for minimum cost – some services don’t even require both spouses to be involved to instigate the process. This article looks at 5 of the top companies who can facilitate a divorce online:

1. Quickie Divorce

Cost – Divorce initiation from £37.00
Notable Feature – Can start divorce proceedings in less than 3 minutes
Quickie Divorce is possibly the most well-known online divorce service and doesn’t let the name fool you – this divorce provider offers a first-rate service. Quickie Divorce offers three different types of service. Firstly there is the simple online form download at £37.00 – you fill the form out and send it off to start the process. Secondly, we have the Personalized Service in which the divorce forms are filled out for you and checked by a professional divorce manager for £67.00. Finally, we have the Personal Plus Service at £167.00 which includes all the features of the standard package, together with a fully drafted clean break agreement. 

2. Co-op Legal Services

Cost – £600 upfront
Notable Feature – Support from a professional divorce solicitor

The Cooperative Legal Services is a prominent and well-known divorce practitioner and in recent years this branch of the Co-Op has released their online divorce service to great effect. They still run a personalized service you can access via a telephone, but the online divorce application is a fantastic option. Although the Co-Op online divorce is much more expensive (£600 up front) you do receive a personalized service and support from a divorce solicitor.

3. Fasttrack Divorce

Cost – Divorce initiation from £37.00
Notable Feature – Free assistance and support to complete divorce forms

Fasttrack Divorce offers a similar service to Quickie Divorce and the price plans and features provided are almost the same. There are four tiers of divorce – instant download divorce at £37.00, Personal Divorce at £67.00, managed divorce at £147.00 and Solicitor divorce at £287.00. Each tier of divorce effectively provides a different level of legal help – for example, the personal divorce service includes help from a personal divorce expert, whereas the solicitor divorce includes help from a legally qualified divorce solicitor. From start to finish, the Fasttrack divorce service can take between 3-4 months.


Cost – Divorce initiation from £59.00
Notable Feature – Approved by trading standards

Another “quickie divorce” style provider, appears to be extremely reputable and is approved by Trading Standards which is a great bonus – basically you know that their service is real and that you won’t get ripped off. Their prices are slightly higher than both Quickie Divorce and Fasttrack Divorce, but we are talking £20 to £50 at the most. There are four types of service ranging from the quick form download at £59.00, up to the solicitor managed divorce weighing in at £399.00. Average completion time for a divorce through this provider is 4 months.


Cost – Self-service divorce from £99.00
Notable Feature – Each service includes the change of name documents
Last but not least on our list we have This is another online divorce service similar to Quickie Divorce and the company is based in Bromley, Kent. They offer three online divorce solutions – self-service divorce at £99.00, solicitor assisted divorce at £199.00 and solicitor managed divorce at £349.00. Each service is easy to use and the whole process can take between 3 to 6 months.

There you have it – 5 awesome online divorce services. As you can see there is a host of different options available that you can use. We hope you have found this article useful – if you feel that divorce is the only option and that you cannot reconcile with your spouse, perhaps an online divorce is the way forward?

Writer’s Bio: Lewis Murawski is the Marketing Director at Kahootz Media. He has been ranking websites on the first page of Google for more than 10 years. Connect with Lewis on LinkedIn.


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