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Service of Divorce Petitions in England and Wales

Serving divorce papers is just one part of the process that will assist in a smooth legal separation. If you’ve been married for at least year, and your marriage is legally recognised in the UK and Wales, you’re eligible for a divorce. The first step after that is to fill out a divorce petition, which will be presented to the courts once your soon-to-be-ex agrees on the terms. This is where it gets more complex.
If you and your spouse have decided together that a divorce is what you want, you probably won’t have much trouble getting them to sign a petition. The main issues will be deciding who gets to keep the house, car, dog, etc and that’s where a solicitor can help. But if you and your spouse are estranged, if your spouse is living in another country, or if your spouse simply doesn’t want a divorce, serving divorce papers can get tough if you don’t use a professional.

Serving Divorce Papers To Someone Who Doesn’t Want to Divorce

If your spouse doesn’t want a divorce, they may try to avoid getting served papers. They may avoid answering their door. They may tell their coworkers what’s going on, and get help to avoid having the papers served to them at work. If they don’t want to receive those papers, they can make themselves very tough to find.
That’s where a process server comes in. They can put in the necessary skills and dedication in place, to find your spouse and get the divorce petition served to them in a timely manner. Your spouse is also less likely to run from a stranger than they are from you, particularly if they aren’t expecting a visit from a process server.

Serving a divorce petition UK

Serving Divorce Papers to Someone Who Has Left the Country

Serving divorce papers on your own gets tough when your spouse has left the UK. You’ll need to track him or her down with the help of an investigator, and then hire a process server to travel to their country of residence to serve the divorce papers.
The process server will need to follow local laws and regulations for process servers and serving legal documents. These vary widely by country, but a professional process server will be able to navigate the laws legally and effectively.

Serving Divorce Papers to Someone Who Has Gone Missing

Sometimes, couples separate without getting a divorce. Then, when one spouse decides that they want a divorce, they must track down their estranged husband or wife. Finding a missing person can be tricky, although the internet and social media now makes it much easier.
If your estranged spouse isn’t on social media, or if they’ve changed their name, you may need professional help to find them. A process server has the tools and training to find missing people, even under difficult circumstances.

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