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4 Reasons People Hire A Process Server

Process Servers are an integral piece of the legal industry. A process server plays an important role in this industry and without their services; the processing and delivering of documents would become a minefield. You may have heard of the term “Process Server”, but you may not fully understand what services they offer, or why they are so important. To help ease any confusion, we have listed four main reasons why people hire a process server: 

To serve Divorce Papers

Process servers can deliver a range of different documents, particularly legal papers for divorce and other spousal procedures. Document types include divorce papers, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and cohabitation documents to name a few. Although you can deliver these documents yourself, a process server can save you the hassle, and also obtain proof of receipt. Furthermore, if you have experienced a particularly unpleasant separation, for example, you may not wish to have contact with your spouse and they may ignore service from a recognised source.      

To Serve an Emergency Court Injunction

Cases of domestic abuse can be complex and require a great deal of care and attention. In serious cases, a recipient of domestic abuse may want to avoid any form of contact with their abuser. They may also, however, want to serve an emergency court injunction which will legally prevent the abuser from making any form of contact. A process server can deliver this injunction on behalf of the abused party – this means they do not have to personally contact the abuser and ensures that the injunction is served promptly, helping to ensure the safety of the victim/s. 

To Serve a Statutory Demand 

Obtaining debts can be a truly exhausting process. Whilst most businesses and individuals will pay invoices and debts in a timely manner, there are always those who simply do whatever they can to avoid coughing up their cash. If you are experiencing problems recovering debt, it is possible to issue a Statutory Demand. A Statutory Demand is a legal document that informs a debtor that they owe money. If this demand is not paid, or an agreement met within 21 days, you can then apply to bankrupt the debtor.

As you would imagine, this type of document is hugely important. A process server can hand-deliver a Statutory Demand and obtain proof of receipt from the debtor to ensure no holdups in the event of required recovery action.  

To Obtain Proof of Service For Solicitors /Law Firms

We have touched upon this above, but it is one of the main reasons businesses enlist the services of a process server. Certain legal documents require proof of service. Without a proof of service/receipt, the intended recipient can simply deny that they have ever received the papers. Let’s say for example you have posted divorce papers on behalf of your client – how can you verify that the spouse has received these documents? In reality, you can’t!

This is where a process server pays dividends! A process server can hand-deliver documents and obtain a proof of service i.e. a photograph or signature. The recipient then has no grounds to deny they have received the papers.

As you can see, process servers can hasten any legal proceedings and ensure that your important documents are delivered to the intended recipient. Furthermore, a process server can ensure that you have proof of receipt – this means that the recipient cannot try and deny that they have seen your legal papers. If you require the services of process, contact Diem Legal today.

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