Winter Travel Checklist

Diem Legal’s Winter Travel Checklist

We have more than 200 agents working throughout the UK travelling the length and breadth of the country. We’ve pooled all their knowledge and formed a winter checklist to help you survive the coming months…

The UK is notorious for its winter weather – from November onwards the quality of our weather slowly deteriorates; temperatures drop, sunlight hours reduce and we see an onset of miserable rain, mist and even snow. Although our winters are nothing compared to countries such as Russia and Canada, we like to think that we have it truly bad and we love nothing better than to moan about how horrific our winter season is! Our road network and transport system are simply not built for harsh winters, and during these months it is not uncommon to experience traffic delays, power outages or even being snowed-in.

The job of a process server requires a huge amount of travelling. It is not uncommon for a process server to drive thousands of miles in a week to deliver their legal documents. Diem Legal, for example, has over 200 field agents who rely on the UK’s roads to perform their job effectively. In the winter months, a process server (or anyone who travels regularly for business) must be prepared! Any delay, accident or unforeseen event can hamper their ability to work. The following provides a comprehensive winter checklist that should help you improve your road safety and ensure you are prepared for almost every eventuality.

Step 1 – Gather your essentials

To ensure you can cope with a wide range of winter situations, we have compiled a checklist of essentials you should keep in your vehicle. We have broken this list down into winter items and all-year-round essentials.

Winter Essentials

– A shovel (for clearing snow)
– An ice-scraper and de-icer
– A torch with spare batteries (to see in the dark)
– An extra supply of screen wash (winter roads are dirty!)
– A blanket or sleeping bag (in case you have to sleep in your vehicle)
– A small food and drink supply
– Spare warm clothing such as a hat, scarf and gloves

All-Year Essentials

– An approved first-aid kit- A physical roadmap (in case your Sat-Nav won’t work)
– A phone charger or charged power pack
– A spare mobile phone (this could just be a pay-as-you-go model)
– Sunglasses
– Any personal medication you may require

This might seem like a large checklist, but once you have the items packed in your car, you can practically deal with any situation. If your vehicle breaks down, for example, you can put on your warm clothing or blanket and use your spare mobile phone to call for assistance! As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Step 2 – Prepare yourself before a journey

Aside from gathering your essential checklist, there are also several steps you can take before embarking on a winter journey to minimise the possibility of any incident or unforeseen events occurring. These steps should be performed every time you jump into a vehicle during the winter months and as you do so, they will become second nature.

Pre-plan your driving route

Never undertake a journey during the winter months without having a clear picture of the route. An SAT-Nav can help greatly, but it is actually prudent to plan your route and make a mental note of the roads you should be aiming for.

Check for traffic updates and delays

Once you have planned your route, check the local traffic service to see if there are any major delays. Most vehicles will have a built-in traffic service that provides regular updates – listen to these and plan detours if necessary.

Check your tires, oil level, and vehicle condition

Embarking on a business journey in the winter months without checking the condition of your vehicle can prove disastrous. Are you tires fully aired and have a decent amount of tread? Are your water and oil levels sufficient? Are your breaks, suspension and steering working correctly? These are the things you should check during the winter on a regular basis.

Hopefully, you will find this information invaluable and use it to your advantage. Be sure to pass this information and checklist onto your friends and family by clicking on one of the social share links on this page so they too can enjoy a hassle and stress-free winter!

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