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VW emissions scandal: Owners of VW, Skoda, Audi and SEAT Cars to launch £30m lawsuit

News recently broke that Volkswagen will face a lawsuit launched by UK owners of VW, Skoda, Audi and SEAT cars in the diesel emissions scandal dubbed ‘Dieselgate’. Up until now, the German car giant has offered nothing to motorists in Britain and Europe, which has outraged buyers of the companies vehicles.

The legal action in the UK is asking for £30m in compensation, which equates to £3,000 for each owner but the total figure is just an estimate, as 35,000 owners have already made contact with Harcus Sinclair (the legal firm that is leading the class action).

VW admits 1.2million of its cars are affected in the UK, which could lead to a mammoth £3.6billion bill if the company has to eventually pay compensation for each car. Volkswagen has already reached a £15billion settlement with 500,000 car owners in the US.

The Lawyers at Harcus Sinclair have been swamped with applications, with more than 25,000 British car owners contacting the law firm yesterday following the Daily Mail running the story on their front page. This is in addition to the 10,000 people who have already contacted the company.

How To Join The ‘Dieselgate’ UK Claim

*To join the claim you must have owned or leased a vehicle affected by the emissions scandal. Check the following links to see if your vehicle is effected.


If your car is affected, you can join the claim by following these three simple steps: It Should take less than 30 minutes to submit your claim.

  1. Visit the Harcus Sinclair dedicated website (a law firm handling the compensation process)
  2. Click the ‘Join The Claim’ link
  3. Fill in the application form and agree to the terms and conditions.

Who are Harcus Sinclair?

Harcus Sinclair LLP acts for private clients and institutions in trust and financial services matters. Formed in January 2002 the practice has grown significantly and now comprises eight partners and over fifty staff. Source: Harcus Sinclair

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