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Solicitor in Iceland instructs Us To Trace and Serve: Weekly Update

This week saw a flurry of enquiries, some of which were from the international community.

One enquiry in particular was received from a firm of solicitors based in Iceland. They had received information that an ex client of theirs was now living in the UK. Unfortunately, they did not know the whereabouts of the client and asked us to carry out a trace on the subject.

Tracing Someone in the UK

It may seem like a needle in a haystack job to trace someone in a place the size of the UK with 60million+ people. As you can imagine, the more information you have the easier it is to find someone. One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Wax Jacket is working with extremely proficient partners that can aid and enhance our service. This means that we have the ability to trace an individual with the minimal of information. We return the favour as and when we can.

On this occasion we had the date of birth, A city, and the approximate date that the individual entered the UK. That was all.

International Process Server

For international clients we have to operate in a slightly different manner. Whilst sorting the information is the same, the preparation is somewhat different than if we were working for a UK based firm.

Within a few days, we had managed to locate the individual in question. The solicitor has been provided with the details of the subject, and will now have a Subpoena prepared and couriered over to our offices for service this week. If our information is correct, successful service of process shouldn’t be an issue.

Process Serving in Dubai

We also received a further request to serve court documents to an expat in Dubai. Ordinarily, we work with preferred partners when serving abroad. However, as luck would have it, we actually had a meeting in Dubai on this Monday so we decided to attempt to deliver the documents ourselves. It was a useful insight into a further international market and the differing laws and regulations governing process servers, although we did come away scratching our heads.

Unlike some other countries, the United Arab Emirates is not a signer of the Hague Convention. There is no formal method of service in the United Arab Emirates, and different Letters Rogatory. You learn something new every day, and instructing a process server in Dubai / United Arab Emirates is not a straightforward process. We gleaned some useful contacts and information so will be exploring this market further.

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