Process Server Colchester

Process Server Colchester – Essex

Do you need court documents serving in Colchester? Our local team of servers are ready to serve your documents in accordance with any special instructions today. We can collect the papers direct from the local courts, from you in person, or they can be sent to our office.

Having a local presence and also a headquarters in East Anglia means we are able to offer round-the-clock process serving in Colchester, Essex. We are open seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Our fixed fees for serving court papers are very affordable. Within the price we include a first attempt at service within just 24hours. Two follow-up visits are attempted if we are unsuccessful on our first attempt. Additionally, we’ll produce an affidavit or witness statement to confirm successful service of process.

Court And Legal Documents We Serve In Colchester, Essex

Process Server Colchester

Process Server Colchester

We work in Chelmsford, Clacton-on-Sea and Southend-on-Sea on a daily basis. Our process servers are often at courthouses in Colchester collecting the necessary papers. The amount of time we spend on the M11 and surrounding roads we could almost call it home!

Our process servers have a very high success rate and service level, and are more inclined to work out-of-hours and research a case fully before attempting service of process. This is where we differ to a court bailiff in Colchester, Essex.

We’ll work long into the evening and all of our process servers are experts in covert work, going unnoticed until it comes to serving of the papers.

6 easy steps to hiring a Process Server in Colchester, Essex

  1. Call 0207 117 2866 or contact us via our website contact form or live chat facility
  2. We confirm the papers at HQ and dispatch to our local process agent
  3. Our local Process Server Colchester will make 1st attempt at service within 24hours
  4. Following successful service, HQ is noticed and a text / email sent to you within 5 minutes
  5. An affidavit or witness statement is produced and sent to you / the client within 48 hours
  6. We will make a follow up call to see if we can be of further service or close the case

Why use our Serving Service in Colchester: Diem Legal

  • Intricate knowledge of the M11 and surrounding road networks.
  • We have reliable servers in the area with an unrivalled knowledge of Colchester and the surrounding cities.
  • Affordable fixed fee process serving (or approved hourly rates for Legally Aided cases).
  • Fast Turnaround court paper serving – same day or within 24hours in most cases.
  • Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – industry leading service
  • One of the largest networks of nationwide process servers mean affordable prices and speed of service.
  • Highly regarded with numerous reviews for our serving service. Diem Legal is regarded as the hallmark of trust and confidence for process serving in Colchester, Essex.


Other Areas In The UK We Serve:

London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Norwich, Stoke-On-Trent, Derby, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Newcastle, York, Cardiff, Sheffield, Croydon, Bromley, Southend-on-Sea

+ Every City, Town and Village throughout the UK.

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