Serving A N84 Interim Third Party Debt Order


What’s it for? An order of the court that freezes money held by a person, organisation or institution.

A third-party debt order will prevent the debtor having access to the money until the court makes a decision about whether or not the money should be paid to you. In these proceedings the person who owes you the money is referred to as the debtor you are referred to as the creditor.

The money held by the third-party must be held solely for the better. You cannot, for example, apply for third-party debt order against a joint bank account unless the judgement debt is owed by all account holders.

It is important to note that a copy will be sent to you and the third-party by first class post. A copy is not sent to the debtor until seven days after it has been sent to the third-party. This is to ensure that the third-party freezes the money before the debtor becomes aware of the order. Personal service of a N84 Interim Third Party Debt Order via a professional process server could reduce any unnecessary holdups.

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Please note: The above is not meant to constitute legal advice. The law changes regularly and as such we recommend speaking to a legal professional for clarification.

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