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Serve Divorce Papers in the UK – You need a Process Server

The Divorce Process in the UK

Filing for divorce in the UK is a simple process, but there are plenty of potential complications when it comes to serve divorce papers. First, you’ll need to file a divorce petition with the court. You and your spouse will need to agree on arrangements for children and dividing property. If the two of you can agree on your own, the divorce may not even have to go before a court. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case as each party has conflicting views about what their side of the bargain following the divorce.

Serve Divorce Papers

Divorce can be messy. The person filing for divorce may be afraid to face their spouse directly. Or their spouse may be tough to locate. Once a divorce petition is filed in the UK, one party may decide to change their mind on the agreed terms for housing or childcare, for example.
If you’re thinking of filing for divorce during 2017, you might be wondering where a process server can help. There are a number of reasons why a professional process server will help you serve divorce papers correctly. It will also give you more power if you need to prove service of process or challenge anything in the paperwork that is not being adhered to.

Process Server of Divorce Papers

Divorce is almost always an awkward, and extremely emotional process. It can be even more difficult if you and your spouse don’t split on mutual terms, or if one party or the other doesn’t want the divorce at all. A process server can help you avoid unnecessary contact with your spouse, which can help take some of the stress and anxiety away for you and your spouse.
It’s not uncommon for those filing for divorce to fear the reaction that their partner will have when they find out that they are being served divorce papers. The recipient could become violent and abusive, and lash out at the person serving the papers. A process server will be prepared for this, and deal with the situation appropriately when the time comes to serve divorce papers.

Trace a Missing Spouse

Occasionally, a person chooses to divorce a spouse who has fled the country or simply disappeared. Trying to find the missing person on your own can be costly and time consuming, especially overseas. But the skills and resources that a process server has can shorten the search time considerably, and keeps you from having to face the backlash when your spouse finds out that you want a divorce.
The recipient of the divorce papers could also try to avoid being served the papers, thus prolonging the process. If you depend solely on a Court Bailiff to serve the divorce papers, the recipient may be able to avoid having them served for quite some time due to their predictable working hours. A process server is more likely to be able to track them down and serve the papers in a timely manner, allowing you to move forward faster.

Divorce Court Order

Just because you and your ex agree on the terms of your divorce in court doesn’t mean that the other person will follow through with their promises. If you find that your ex is fighting against returning property or other assets that should be yours, a process server can help serve paperwork in accordance with any court stipulations.

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