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American Express! Process Server Weekly Update 6

By Zarvin Wildey – Wax Jacket Group Ltd

In a typical week we are provided with 4/5 urgent instructions on average (documents that require serving within 5/6hrs) at Wax Jacket headquarters. And when we say require serving in this time, it doesn’t mean the client has just decided that they want it done urgently – it means they are a necessity.

We can be serving documents that could save or cost one party £100,000’s if we are able to serve them (or not) on time. The importance of these jobs is not underestimated and as such we have a truly high success rate.

Imagine our disbelief when we received four such jobs, all of which arrived on Friday, in the space of just a few hours.

London Process Server

For one of the jobs, we were asked at 20:00hrs GMT if we could aid an American firm that needed to have a termination noticed served before 08:00hrs GMT the next day. We agreed to the task, on the basis that 12 hours isn’t necessarily a rush job. Then came the but…

The letter wouldn’t actually be ready till 01:25am. Now we were starting to think it was more of a rush job, especially as this was the middle of the night. Our overnight team dealt with the customer’s enquiry, answered her questions and processed payment. The papers were prepped for the process server and we were good to go.

The client was 5hrs behind GMT, so the overnight team continued to deal with the enquiry and updated me in the morning. It worked well, and I had one of our London based process servers on the doorstep ready to Serve at 07:45am. Service was successfully made and the client informed before 08:00GMT. Many cases are instructed and completed within 6 hours in the same county, but to receive an international case overnight and smash the deadline is proof of why we’re always number one choice when a client has a time sensitive issue. Late last year we changes to ensure we’re available 24/7 and 365 days a year. This has helped raise our service levels beyond any of our competitors.

Process Server Birmingham

The same evening, we were also contacted by a firm of solicitors who had heard of our services on the grapevine to serve two options in the West Midlands asap. We do this on a daily basis and have a very strong presence of process servers in Birmingham, Coventry and Tamworth.

The papers needed to be collected at 14:00pm and served by 15:00pm – approximately 20 miles away from collection and serve destinations. We called our very reliable server in the area and he headed to the solicitors office to collect the two bundles. Two bundles – one for each site. An easy task being as the sites were only a couple of miles apart. The papers were collected and our process server made his way to the 1st serve location.

The deal goes south…….

A call is received here at Wax Jacket HQ. The client’s deal is going south. There has been an extension granted. Our process server is to plot up and await the go order once the deal is back on track.

In the meantime, the deal changes a further three times and finally at 18:34pm the call is received – the papers are to be served on the two locations.

The client’s deal has resulted in a success, and due to the flexibility of the WJ team the options were served at the best possible time for the client.

Wax Jacket

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