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Process Server Prices and Fees – How Much Does A Serve Cost?

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Think anything legal, including document process server fees, and hourly rate solicitor’s bills can spring to mind. However, a Process Server operates in a completely different field to a solicitor and working in the process server industry requires a different skill set and qualifications. You’ll be pleased to hear that the average cost of a fixed fee process server is currently around £100.

Process Server Prices

There are some process server companies charging almost double this, and some slightly less. Fixed price process serving normally includes three visits to the property to ensure a high success rate. Diem Legal is a process server with a truly high first time success rate. This means, in four out of five cases we are successful on our very first visit. Some process serving cases are more difficult, and require a further visit (or two) and further investigation to successfully serve. You will not be charged extra for this by us (some companies do charge for this).
If we asked you the question: How much does a Process Server cost before providing you with this information what would you say? £200-300 is the usual answer. So why is it so affordable? We are specialists in our industry and very busy, so we are often able to combine jobs with one another in the vicinity to offer excellent efficiency and an affordable price for you.

Process Server Fees

A Process Server can offer an even more affordable process serving price if your serve is not urgent. If you are willing to wait 10-14 days, for example, you could save a small amount of money. However, 99% of our clients opt for the fixed fee 24hour service as they are keen to get a result as soon as humanly possible. On that subject, we are human, and there are occasions where it is almost impossible to track an individual down. If this is the case we’ll report back to you with all of the information we have gathered, or legally serve a family member or occupant wherever possible. Rest assured, we are a very tenacious process server and will try relentlessly to get the job done, regardless of the size.

Fees For Process Serving

When considering process server fees and who to use, you should consider the amount of emotion and stress they are going to reduce from the process. You will simply have to instruct the process server via email or post, pay the fee, and the process server will do the rest. It can save you time and money choosing the right process serving company. Get it right and you will get results and flawless communication; get it wrong and you’ll be in the same boat as before, but with less money in your pocket and a heightened level of stress.

Process Server Costs
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