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Rapid Response Partnership To Provide Faster Protection For Domestic Violence Victims

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The service of court and legal documents demands a fast response. Some injunctions being served can literally be the difference between life and death. Emergency domestic violence court injunctions, for example, are proven to help protect victims and help to stop the abuse from continuing. The order will normally state that if it is ignored, or terms are breached then the legal consequences could be severe. This legal protection is vital to victims’ safety. Diem Legal is one of the largest servers in the UK of emergency injunctions, such as non-molestation orders and prohibited steps orders. We know first hand how important it is to provide a fast and efficient service and are always trying to reduce lead times and improve service.

Serving Emergency Court Injunctions

Process servers have traditionally been used to the comfort of cars and several days in which to serve the legal notices. Times are changing and Diem Legal have formed a new forward-thinking partnership with Alpha One Security to improve service levels further. The partnership has been formed to serve documents faster than ever and provide a ‘rapid response’ service of court and legal documents.

Process Serving Court Orders

Zarvin Wildey, Managing Director of Diem Legal had this to say: “Our head office is in Norfolk, an area renowned for its rural beauty but one that is also packed with tractors and other such hold-ups on the road. We have a network of more than 200 servers nationwide, and traffic can be one of the main stumbling blocks when serving documents with an emergency deadline. Our new partnership with Alpha One Security means we can deploy their rapid response super bikes and achieve service of process within a matter of hours.”

“Earlier this week we were instructed by a Norwich solicitors firm at 15:50pm to serve papers for an emergency case listed in court for the following day. By utilising the rapid response bike we were able to collect the papers by the deadline of 17:30pm, and go to two locations later that evening to effect service.” He continued.

Rapid Response Partnership To Provide Faster Protection For Domestic Violence Victims

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