Break Charity Masquerade Ball 2017 – Thanks To Our Guests

Break Charity Masquerade Ball 2017 – Thanks To Our Guests

We had an amazing time at last Friday’s Break Charity Masquerade Ball, as did Alex Atkinson from Leeway domestic abuse charity and her guest Claire Riseborough, who volunteers with Leeway. Naomi Newell and Georgie of Cozens Hardy Solicitors provided lots of laughter, and an interesting insight into their musical preferences. Dan Kelly and his partner Sara Higgleton of BNI helped our ops team understand why! We look forward to attending a proper training session over the coming weeks with BNI on further operational improvements, as the launch of Diem Legal is imminent.

The MC for the evening, Roger Dakin, did an amazing job and had us all in tears at different points throughout the evening. We would welcome Roger at our daily team briefings with open arms!

Heads You Win… A £4,000 Diamond

Dipples Jewellery in Norwich hosted an amazing version of Heads & Tails – a Dazzling Diamond version, where the winner received a half carat diamond valued at £4,000. Sadly, the Wax Jacket team were knocked out early. However, we did receive a faux pink diamond to remind us of the evening.

The food was amazing, the wine spectacular, the company exquisite and the cause worthy (Break Charity).

Try as we might, we didn’t get the F1 package that was being auctioned, but it did raise a very decent price of £6k for the charity.

Luck was on our side for one auction though and (promise not to laugh) the Wax Jacket team will be going on a sausage making experience that I was fortunate enough to win in the silent auction.

Although final figures have not been announced yet – we believe it’s the best year yet for raising awareness and money for Break Charity.

I would like to thank all of my guests and staff for taking the time to come to this amazing event. I should also mention Sarah Bunn from Break who introduced me to this worthy charity earlier this year. She and all the volunteers do a truly amazing job. Thank you.

Coming Soon…

This week we’ll be back to focusing on the launch of Diem Legal (our new name from 1st July). Our team remains exactly the same but we’ll have a sparkly new website. We’ll also be rolling out some new advertising initiatives and improving our operational processes, to further reinforce our position as the most reliable server of court and legal documents in the United Kingdom. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Zarvin Wildey

Managing Director

Wax Jacket Group Ltd

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