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5 Amazing Surveillance Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed!

For years people have been intrigued by the world of espionage and spying – we have all watched iconic films such as Mission Impossible and James Bond and wondered in disbelief at the different gadgets they use to thwart their enemies. Many people do not know, however, that some of these gadgets are actually real! Undercover agents, detectives and private investigators all have a plethora of different gadgets and tools at their disposal. The 5 gadgets listed below are pieces of real life equipment that can be bought and used that you may not have known existed!

1. Covert Air Freshener Spy Camera

Most people know that you can buy surveillance cameras for your home and set up monitoring systems to check for intruders. What people may not know however is that you can buy hidden camera units such as the 6120A 3G Covert Camera that is actually hidden inside an air freshener! Simply place the air freshener somewhere visible and connect to its camera using a 2G or 3G mobile connection. You can then watch the camera from your smartphone.

2. Bionic Hearing Amplifier

Have you ever felt like your conversations are being listened in on? Well, maybe they are! The bionic hearing amplifier is a real product and can be used to eavesdrop on conversations up to 20ft away. This device has a powerful microphone that can pick up even the quietest of speech patterns and deliver them straight to your ear in high clarity. This type of device could be put to dangerous use by listening in on important conversations relating to security etc.

3. Handheld Mobile Phone Jammer

This may seem like a high-tech military device, but it is possible to buy a handheld mobile phone jammer. If you want to block your partner from using their smartphone without physically stealing it from them, consider investing in a phone jammer. This device sends out signals that effectively disrupt the transmission from all cell phones in the surrounding area, rendering them useless for phone calls and text messages.

4. Keystroke Logger

Did you know that it is possible for someone to record what keys you type on your keyboard? Keystroke loggers have actually been around for many years and this technology has often been used unscrupulously to find out passwords and personal data. A keystroke logger is usually plugged into your computer or keyboard and covertly records each sequence of keys you type. Be vigilant and check your personal computers for any rogue devices that should not be there.

5. Unshredder

Most people believe that once a document is shredded, there is no possible way that the information can be pieced together. This is not strictly true! There is an advanced computer program that can actually piece together shredded paper using advanced analysis of the various lines, breaks and shredded edges. This makes it important to have your shredded documents disposed of securely, especially if you are part of an organisation that handles particularly sensitive information.

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