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You need court papers serving, it’s late at night and there’s nobody to call. That’s all changed now, as we’ve increased our staffing to be able to manage enquiries 24hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. If you are overseas in a different time zone and need papers serving in the UK we’re able to help. Or if you’re busy and simply forgotten to deal with the serve of papers before an impending court date we’ll act quickly to get the job done for an affordable fixed fee.

Serve Legal Papers

There are many ways in which the serve of legal papers can be carried out in the UK. If you are looking to serve legal papers to a domestic abuser the rules could vary to if you want to serve legal papers for, evicting a tenant, for example. If you have a solicitor assisting you with your case, they’ll be able to advise you on the various options for serving legal papers – we work with numerous solicitors throughout the UK and overseas. We’re also happy to explain the vital role a process server provides in reducing the lifecycle of court cases and we are more than happy for you to contact us directly with any questions you may have.

Divorce Papers Server

In our experience, there’s rarely a better time to serve papers to an elusive respondent than over the holiday periods. As cruel as it may seem, we have outstanding results on Christmas Eve, for example. We won’t knock on the door at this time out of choice, but if someone is particularly keen to avoid being served court papers then it is one of the extra measures we will take. We serve divorce papers on a daily basis and provide a tailored service for overseas clients. Whether they’re looking to re-marry someone or simply tie up loose ends and finalise the marriage, we can help trace the respondent throughout the UK and serve them the divorce papers for an affordable fixed fee.

Service Of Process

It’s important for us as a leading UK process server to abide by all laws and regulations when it comes to the service of process. Even so, we do have some extra measures we put in place to morally ensure service of process is carried out in a professional and responsible manner. We have a cut-off time in the evening when we will not knock on the door. This will vary on the respondent and the case itself. Whether or not the respondent has children is also a consideration. We understand our obligations to not only get a positive result, but in dealing with people in the fairest way possible. This is often appreciated, and means we’re able to wrap up a case faster than any other process server and provide service of process throughout the UK. Service of process must be accompanied with an affidavit of service or witness statement / statement of truth to the court dealing with the matter.

Affidavit of Service

Service of process is usually confirmed by a sworn affidavit, which is a written statement made under oath to the court by someone authorised to do so, such as a process server. In some cases, the court will stipulate that the affidavit of service will be sworn before a Notary Public. We have our own team that can manage this. It is important that an affidavit of service is filled in correctly, otherwise it could be rejected by the courts and further delay the case. So even though you may be able to provide the affidavit of service yourself in some cases and use a form from the internet, do you really want to risk scuppering your chances of a successful outcome in the case by poor administration?

Witness Statement or Statement Of Truth

This is another signed document, written by the witness of the serve or a representative detailing the process they carried out, or witnessed. It’s similar to an affidavit but it is not sworn under oath to the court. Even so, witness statements have to be completed correctly and true or risk being rejected by the courts, further delaying the court case. In some cases, serving a statutory demand for example, a certificate of service is allowed. The certificate will be accompanied by a statement of truth backed up by the signature of the process server that carried out the serve.


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We serve all legal papers and other documents including: Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy Petitions, Non-Molestation (Domestic Abuse Court Injunctions) Divorce Petitions, county court and high court claim forms, writs, section 21 notices, affidavit and witness statements plus much more.

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