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Tracing Someone in the UK – Truly Rewarding – Weekly Update 7

Weekly Update: By Zarvin Wildey, Director, Wax Jacket Group LTD now known as Diem Legal


This week we saw the fruits of our labour pay off in a reconnect case we have been working on with an American partner.

Here is a brief rundown of the story, and how it culminated in an emotional connection last week


Many years ago, a young man left the family home in Pakistan to see the world and maybe seek his fortune in the UK.

Years passed, and the man (the son) became disconnected from his family. Times had changed, and after many years the family decided they were the ones that needed to reach out.

Wax Jacket Steps in to help….

A specialist tracing company we work closely with was tasked with tracing the most current address for ‘MR X’. They provided an address with a current link to the subject and reported this back to their client. Wax Jacket were then given the task of initiating contact and helping the parties reconnect.

The culture, environment, chronology and not to mention the emotions were sure to make this one of the toughest cases we’d experienced, but potentially also very rewarding if we were successful.

The Steps To Successful Tracing and Serving

In the first instance, a desktop validation of the data was carried out and the letter we were asked to provide to the son was translated, and checked to ensure it wasn’t inflammatory.

Next step was to get a process server to the site that could convey the client’s wishes and speak with the subject.

Over the space of a week, both a private investigator and a process server attend the given address to try and connect with the subject. Sadly, he have moved on and wasn’t at the location he had been linked to.

A follow-up call to the client was made and a retrace was arranged. Result…. we are in luck, another address only a few miles from the original has been supplied by our expert tracing partners linked to the original address.

Finding Someone in the UK

We attend within 24hrs and it’s good news, as there is a person with the surname we are looking for at the location. Our investigations team start looking into the address and I am sent down to make contact with ‘MR X’.

He’s not there at that precise moment, but is to return very soon. I have an old photo, so waiting outside to see if I can spot him is not a smart option. We use our tact, and ask him to make contact with us.

The same day I receive a phone call from the subject. Just an hour later we are having coffee talking about what he’s been doing since moving to England. He’s a remarkable man, and has had a very interesting life. A life that sadly is not fulfilled because of the missing link to his family and friends back in Pakistan.

Mediating Services… All Part Of The Job

At the appropriate time I introduce the handwritten letter from his family and offer him some peace to read it. We agree that it’s been too long and the reconnect needs to be handled slowly. It’s with pleasure I offer to pass messages between him and his family until he is comfortable enough to speak directly. Something which I am aware both parties are grateful of.

This type of case is not our usual day-to-day work but it is hugely satisfying. We have reliable and skilled trace partners that can find anyone in the UK within a week in most cases. This then allows us to do the follow-up job of going to the address in question and serving court documents, or in this case, mediating between long-lost family members.

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