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The Changing Face Of Great Yarmouth – Process Server Weekly Update

By Zarvin Wildey – Director:

What springs to mind when you hear Great Yarmouth? For me it’s fish and chips, tug boats and renewable energy.

Did you know that since the decline of the fishing industry, Great Yarmouth was soon becoming a town with no trade whatsoever? Luckily, the oil fields of the North Sea began ramping up their requirements in the 1960s. Following this demand, Great Yarmouth became a leading employer and provider of support services to oil and gas companies.

In 2004 construction began on 30 generators, visible from the shoreline at Scroby Sands. Today, the turbines provide power for thousands of UK homes. The renewable energy sector is firmly at home now in Great Yarmouth, working alongside the oil and gas companies.

I digress…

On last Friday evening we were tasked with serving 7 formal notices to cease trespass on takeaways situated in Great Yarmouth. Together with 3 reconnect letters to people who have fallen behind on their car finance payments.

Process Server Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

A team of two (driver/navigator) was sent to Great Yarmouth at 20:00pm. The brief for the process servers was simply to ensure the notices were served by 21:45pm to the takeaways. In addition, we were tasked with taking some pictures on behalf of our client. From the finance companies’ perspective, it was important that the reconnects were made aware of the severity of their position by our process servers. It is commonplace for the debtor to simply ignore any finance company they owe money to. This exacerbates the situation and means that little help can be provided in the form of part payments or even payment holidays. Our advice if you are struggling with debt? Tackle the situation head on and speak to the company you owe money to.

Process Server Great Yarmouth

Picture of Britannia Pier Great Yarmouth for illustration purposes only

Successful Service Of Process

The takeaways were all served within the hour. Some proprietors taking the notices more seriously than others. One kebab shop owner threw the notice straight into the bin. Another had his entire workforce gather round the map, to see where the exclusion zone was. When possible, we always like to explain the terms of the order and what it means for the respondent. In some cases this information is ignored and disregarded. Inevitably, it’s the people that ignore such advice and notices that face fines and / or imprisonment following a further knock on the door from the enforcement agents.

Next Week…

Next week the team have some interesting cases lined up and we have already begun the groundwork. Our process servers will be dealing with everything from copyright infringements to divorce petitions, non-molestation orders and tracing missing persons.

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