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People tracing success rate hits 97% as victims of online “trolls” hit back

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Press Release 

Victims of online bullying are fighting back against “trolls” as the success of people tracing techniques hits 97%*, announces Diem Legal, a leading UK process server and expert people finder. 

People tracing is the process of locating an individual using a combination of new technology including databases and social media, together with traditional techniques such as surveillance and monitoring.  

Diem Legal says that one of the major benefits of people tracing is the possibility of locating online bullies or “trolls” so victims of online bullying are able to initiate prosecution proceedings. 

The popularity of current Channel 5 show “Celebrity Trolls: We’re Coming To Get You”, presented by The Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge, highlights the importance of this issue and how online “trolls” can be brought to justice once they have been located.  

According to, 52% of young people report themselves as victims of cyber bullying**. 

Zarvin Wildey, Director at Diem Legal, explains: “Online trolls have plagued social media and the internet for too long but bullying victims are now fighting back.”

“Technological developments have made it easier than ever to pinpoint perpetrators of online bullying and bring them to justice.”

“Diem Legal combines these recent technological advances with good old-fashioned investigative work to locate online trolls and other individuals who may not want to be found.”

Other examples of scenarios where people tracing can be a vital tool for members of the public include:

  • A spouse attempting to locate an estranged husband or wife in order to begin divorce proceedings
  • Parents looking for a previous partner in order for current partner to adopt a child from the previous relationship
  • Single parents searching for an absent parent to claim child maintenance support – single parents are reportedly often owed in excess of £10,000 from former partners and are spending their own savings in an attempt to trace and reclaim owed payment 
  • Victims of scams or those who have paid pre-payment authorisation costs and have failed to receive a loan can use the trace the perpetrator to reclaim their finances or to report the issue to the authorities

Diem Legal is a sponsor of the upcoming London Law Expo, Europe’s largest legal conference, and will be offering £3,000 worth of prizes beforehand on their Facebook page.

In addition to people tracing, Diem Legal offers a wide range of services including serving all types of court and legal documents, such as divorce petitions and statutory demands.

  • Success rate of Diem Legal’s people tracing service during the introduction of this service on the 1st July 2017. The overall success rate stands at 96%. Standard fees are £55 + VAT. To start your trace – click the image below.


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