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New Premises Worth The Wait – Process Server Weekly Update

By Zarvin Wildey, Director – Wax Jacket Group (new name announcement soon!)
I hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend. I’d love to say I have had my feet up watching sport but that hasn’t been the case. This past week has been a real rollercoaster…
We now have our second office. When we discovered it we thought it would be a case of us saying we like it, signing on the dotted line and moving in shortly after.
In reality, gaining access to a new premises is nothing like that…

These Things Take Time

We found the perfect office. An office that has triple the space of the existing premises. It’s just off two major road network routes, has a large car park, plus the building boasts amazing history with stunning views to boot. Since agreeing to take over the lease, we have spent 3 weeks instructing lawyers to read heads of terms, general terms, and then lease terms. Now why ask a lawyer to read on your behalf I hear you ask? Simply because the various iterations of terms take an awfully long time to read, and I decided that this time was better spent looking at more practical solutions, such as broadband options for the new premises!

Speedy Broadband a Priority

Broadband – what is it? Well the dictionary says “a high-capacity transmission technique using a wide range of frequencies, which enables a large number of messages to be communicated simultaneously”. This is not the case if you are looking at placing your entire company’s communications with a well known Telecomms company I can tell you! Luckily, I recently met with ALine. They specialise in providing high quality communication packages to areas that have previously been unable to receive enough data to operate.
New phones, desks, computers and processes are currently being installed at the administration centre to ensure the end to end case lifestyle are reduced, thus giving our clients the service they demand.
I also thought (wrongly) that picking desks, chairs and cupboards was a five minute job. Luckily I was introduced to Greenacre office equipment who took all the stress away. They provided safe advice on what works, what doesn’t and what is just a fad. They even advised me not to order certain items until the office had been running for a month. I appreciated the honesty.

Ketteringham Hall, Norfolk

The new office is going live on the 4th May and now teething problems have been ironed out all administrative work shall be delivered from Ketteringham Hall in Norfolk.
Running a smooth operation is something we pride ourselves on here, so when we deal with other companies that seem to have no sense of urgency whatsoever it can be a little frustrating to say the least. Our tracing service is now successfully averaging between 24-48hours and just 72hours for field validation.
The average time to serve is 39hrs, with our quickest ever serve mentioned in a previous blog at just 11 minutes. I think that’ll stand for some time, if not forever…
With electronic documentation processes we are seeing a considerable improvements in the timescales it previously would take to serve a divorce petition or non-molestation order. This is great news for urgent serves and means that the protection of a court order can be in place quicker than ever before.
Next week we’ll reveal our new name, logo and other exciting plans for the future!
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