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50+ Court Injunctions Served Against Domestic Abusers – Weekly Update 9

By Zarvin Wildey, Director – Wax Jacket Group LTD now known as Diem Legal


An amazing week last week at Wax Jacket. We were able to help a minimum of 50 survivors of domestic violence have injunctions and non molestation orders served upon their assailants.

As a business, we strive to ensure we are offering the protection the survivors need in as timely manner as possible. 80% of the serves we carry out include serving the respondent and informing the police within 24hours. It’s important to notify the local police, so they are aware of the injunction in place and can use their powers accordingly in the event of any further abuse taking place.

One case I was working on last week arrived in the office on Monday at 10am. The order was to be personally served on an individual living in the Essex region. Unfortunately, that was all the information the instructing solicitor could provide to us. The applicant had parted from the respondent some months ago, and was not aware of his new address. Essex is 3670 km² – that’s a lot of ground to cover, so we began our research in the office.

We carried out a desktop trace on behalf of the client. This resulted in a positive result, as an individual with the same date of birth living in Chelmsford was located. Discreet enquiries were carried out the next morning and confirmation that the resident was indeed the respondent was passed back to our instructing solicitor.

Part of the service that we are able to offer our clients is a trace and serve product. This allows clients who are unsure of the respondents address the peace of mind that the case will not be delayed due to failure of service, and allows the applicant to be protected by the contents of the order as quickly as possible.

Tracing an individual can be done many ways including via credit reference agency information, social media, or an array of detailed database searches that we have at our disposal. The majority of the trace results are obtained within the first 24 hours, facilitating an almost immediate service to our client.

The solicitor was overjoyed that we had located the respondent and asked that attempt service as soon as possible. The same day we were able to report back to the applicant and solicitor that the order had been served, the local police informed, and a statement sworn and on route to them within 72hrs.

We understand that each and every domestic abuse court order requires know-how, skill and urgency to serve it effectively, and to ensure the applicant is protected by the terms of the order as soon as possible. Sadly, we are not successful 100% of the time, but we will go the extra mile to ensure every instruction we handle has the very best chance of a positive outcome.

Look out for a blog next week where we will be talking about how team here at Wax Jacket are supporting Red nose day on 24 March 2017.

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