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You’ve Been Served, by a 23-Year-Old Blonde Female – Weekly Update 8

Are all process servers slightly older balding rotund gentlemen with shiny shoes and rain coats? The simple answer is no. Whilst process serving hasn’t changed dramatically over the past hundred years, the type of people carrying out service of process in the UK has. In American films we often see process servers dressed up as pizza delivery people, couriers and even children’s entertainers. In the UK, however, this is not an option and we can not legally misrepresent ourselves in any way shape or form.

Our servers are all from a variety of different backgrounds, appearance and have a unique skill set. We hand pick the servers we use on specific tasks to provide the very best chance of success.

Zoe, 23 Year Old Process Server in London

This week one of our process servers, Zoe, 23 from London, was aware that the person we were looking to serve papers upon had evaded our client’s previous process server. She was the ideal candidate to get the job done. For some reason people do not anticipate a young female with the job of serving court papers.

What Zoe was not aware of, was that the respondent had been called by the applicant’s daughter, to inform him that the mother was serving an injunction on him that day. When an applicant instructs us we always ask that they do not speak of our proposed intentions, as to do so could affect the outcome of service.

By doing our homework, we hoped that we could find the respondent to be working out at a local gym. We decided that Zoe should approach The respondent after his workout and when returning to his car.

Stereotype Downfall

Luckily, the respondent was obviously not expecting to be served an injunction by a blonde 23-year-old female, and when asked to confirm his identity he happily obliged. Zoe, in line with the guidelines provided, served the injunction, called the applicant and wrote her FL415 statement of service within 10 minutes. We were able to carry out due diligence, and provide a serve and report outcome to the applicant within three hours total.

At the beginning of the article we mentioned that process serving has been fairly similar for a long time. However, the last few years have seen some advances due to digital disruption (the internet, basically). Substitute service, and service by other means are becoming more frequent these days. This week we served court documents via Facebook, text message, email and by the traditional means of personal service. We are working constantly with technology to ensure case life cycles are reduced and clients are also protected.

The Future of Process Serving

Like Amazon, Pizza Hut and DHL, we to are looking at drone technology as a possibility for the future of process serving. It is our belief that future service may be carried out using drones, or at least some part of it depending on legislation.

In less positive news: This week we witnessed an increase in domestic violence related cases and the serving of emergency court injunctions. We Will be writing a blog next week to coincide with the red nose day awareness campaign, to help survivors of domestic violence.

By Zarvin Wildey,

Director – Wax Jacket Group LTD now known as Diem Legal

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