Craig Wright Bitcoin Sued

Diem Legal Instructed To Serve in $10 billion ‘Bitcoin Inventor Case’

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It is not every day at the Diem Legal office we receive instruction to serve notice of a $10 billion sue to an individual.

The individual at the heart of the lawsuit is Dr Craig Wright or ‘Satoshi Craig’ as he is often referred to in the cryptocurrency community.

Craig Wright, a chief scientist, previously claimed to be the pseudonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto but has not been able or willing to provide conclusive proof to back this up. The wider Bitcoin community are sceptical about his involvement, but a group of individuals with a strong belief that Craig Wright helped produce Bitcoin still exists.

The lawsuit is being brought on by Ira Kleiman on behalf of the estate of his brother Dave, who passed away in 2013 following a battle with MRSA. Dave has also been linked to the earliest days of Bitcoin.

So, an interesting case for the Diem Legal team of process servers. We were instructed by a solicitor firm handling the case and their US team to serve notice to Dr Craig Wright.

It wasn’t clear where the Dr was living, as he leads a very cautious existence. Our team of tracing agents managed to link him to a property in an exclusive part of Surrey. An agent was immediately dispatched to serve the prescribed forms/papers.

Upon arrival, the property was empty and in darkness. Discreet enquiries with other people in the area lead us to believe that the family were still in the area but not residing at this property. It is believed the doctor has a number of properties at any one time.

As the case was time sensitive, it was our recommendation to the legal team that they crave the permission of the judge to allow service via electronic means. As the Dr is a prolific user of social media, it would be a safe assumption that any correspondence sent via this medium would indeed make it to their intended recipient.

Dr Craig Wright is believed still to be in the UK but we don’t know where. The case continues…



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