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Co-Op Launches Online Divorce Service And Here’s Why

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2018 will see a huge change for divorce proceedings within the UK – the Co-operative Group has recently announced the release of their online divorce service. As the largest facilitator of divorce proceedings in the UK, this new online process should have a huge impact on divorces and give married couples a swifter service. This article looks at what the Co-Op’s service entails, and how this will affect divorce proceedings in our country.

What Does The Online Divorce Service Entail?

Some details of the Co-Ops online divorce service are still to be released, but we can give a brief outline of the essentials:

– The service will have a fixed-fee
– A spouse can start an uncontested divorce proceeding online
– They can also receive help in the form of a phone service
– The service will use easy-to-understand wording and terminology
– The service will also feature a step-by-step guide

In essence, married couples will be able to use this online service to start divorce proceedings. Although both parties must eventually agree, this initial process can be completed by either spouse within the marriage. The Co-Op aims to improve the divorce process and help ease the strain on the UK legal industry through this online service.

How Will This Alter The Divorce Process Within The UK?

The launch of this online divorce service continues the trend of digitalisation for legal processes. Throughout the industry, we are experiencing a change in how traditional processes are undertaken. In years past, the divorce process was stressful, confusing and prolonged. Paperwork had to be manually completed and there was no online involvement at all.

Using online services such as the Co-Op’s should improve the divorce procedure. Married couples should be able to complete the divorce process quickly and with much less hassle. Furthermore, the Co-Ops online service provides greater flexibility – you can complete the process from your smartphone, tablet or laptop for example.

In cases where a marriage has broken down, or a spouse has been the victim of domestic abuse, this can only be a positive thing. If a spouse is feeling trapped, threatened or like there is no way out – they can use an online divorce service to start proceedings immediately.

Will The Online Divorce Service Have Wider Impacts?


Although online divorce services such as the one provided by the Co-Op are generally positive; there are potential negative consequences too. As the divorce process becomes more accessible and easier to complete, there is the possibility that the significance and importance of marriage could be diminished. We have to ask ourselves some serious moral and ethical questions when contemplating this possibility.

Do “Quickie Divorces” give couples less reason to try and make their marriage work? Does the changing landscape of divorce procedures promote the wrong message about marriage? Should we be doing more to promote the benefits and positivity marriage can bring? There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions but as online divorce services such as the Co-Ops continue to be created, we have to consider what impact this will have on the success or failure of marriage.

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