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42 Instructions in 12 hours and A Storm In A Teacup! Process Server Weekly Update

By Zarvin Wildey, Director Wax Jacket Group (soon to be renamed)

On this day Vladimir Lenin and Jack Nicholson were born. Anne Bonny the Irish Pirate dies. As does Richard Nixon the 37th president of the United States. It was also the date that the Wax Jacket team had 42 instructions to carry out in Norfolk alone – in 12 hours!

That’s right, on Friday 21st April 2017, 42 cases landed that required an action within 24 hours. All within the seven districts of the county covering 2,074sq miles. The task was not easy as each case could require 15/20 minutes on site. The admin team put the order that the field ops team would need together using our dynamic scheduling system we are able to maximise the distance travelled with the most beneficial route.

As with all best laid plans – on Saturday morning they had to change. The client had called the overnight team and changed the instruction. There were now 21 urgent cases that had to be visited and 21 non-urgent that could be visited within 48hrs. I took the team for a quick breakfast at Storm In A Teacup in Norwich. Incidentally, the place is fantastic – the team were efficient and got our extremely tasty food out in a timely manner.
A new plan was decided over coffee. I would drive, thus cutting down on time wasted finding parking spaces. Charlotte, my chosen partner for the day, would serve the papers. It also meant she could interview the respondents if required and update admin via an iPad, so the client could have realtime updates.
By 3pm all 21 cases had been covered – we pushed on and by 8pm all 42 cases had been visited and updated. The finance house often use us for their motor finance work and pre-litigation report. The amount received is three times more than previous surge instructions. It’s our intention to roll out a surge plan to aide them across the UK.
The new name for WJ has been decided. Our marketing team are now in charge of preparing a logo for sign off – we look forward to sharing with you our updates. It wasn’t an easy choice to make but we went out to the market and the overwhelming response that the country feel to the brand needed to change to a more sleek and clear brand. This feedback made it an easy choice for me.
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